There is never a true meaning to my work, it just arrives spontaneously and dissipates with the wind.

All of your life you spend searching

observing the footprints and detailed matter to find various answers to your questions

Glimpsing, taking it all in and just seeing life take form

Catching and grabbing onto something

Taming yourself, others and loved ones

Going home

Resting pensively in your domain and transcending or relaxing and being at rest

Transcending and sharing that blissful experience with others and a loved one

Being okay while relinquishing on the fact that from the very beginning nothing has ever been missing, and that everything and all is possible for however long your time lasts within this realm

Giving back, paying someone forward and reciprocating what was given in return.

Being grateful and expressing graditude.

Imagining and playing with ideas

Dreaming and loving

To be at peace.

Sumi-e Prints

All Prints will arrive framed and packed with extreme care. Original artwork can also be purchased at your request by contacting me personally. Thank you for your support.



Maria Woods


Anna Neaga

Art Director

Eva Bean


Abstract to me is a way to enter a daring realm of possibly. To take the plunge into the unknown and make it possible as if death was awaiting at the end of the tunnel.

All of my abstract works are  performed and created from nothingness. I must meditate to generate the impactful process, thus creating a visceral approach that is often consistent with whatever space in time I arrived on. Everything is allowed to process on its own and some of the formations are mostly by sheer accident, thus visualizing a spontaneous effect that cannot be explained. I hope my work can take you into that space of unknowingness and escape the current realms that sometimes tie us to trivial matters, pain and uncertainties.

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